Friday, August 1, 2008

Barbecue Nation


Mumbai :
Ground floor, Om Palace, 403 ,

Dr. Ambedakar Road, Junction, Pali Hill,

Khar (West) Mumbai.

Phone: 9323905592 / 022-65934343
Hyderabad :
ANR Centre opp City Centre Mall, Banjara Hills.
Bangalore :
Indiranagar Opp Nandini Hotel.

If you like grilled food and moreover you want to see your food grilled right in front of you, Barbecue Nation is the place to be. With their innovative concept of having an electric grill right at your table, all your food fantasies come alive here! ;)


The service is excellent. The waiters are immensely helpful and they are not too pushy or in your face. They know how to give you your much wanted privacy and yet at the same time are superbly efficient.


You have the option of choosing between their veg or non veg cuisines. The non veggies are the happier lot as they have more options. (The veg options are open to them too..!!)

The place revitalises the concept of the buffet and trust me, you want to go there on an empty stomach! The live grill at your table always has enough options to make you wish you could stay in there forever! Apart from the grill, they do have an Indian and a Continental spread if you are looking for a complete meal. Their daily menu consists of 5 veg, 5 non-veg staters,1 veg 1 non-veg soup, 4 non-veg, 6 veg in main course with roti & naan, 3 non-veg, 5 veg salads & 7 desserts. Yes people, 7 desserts! The menu is different for every day of the week, so if you visit on two consecutive days, there is no fear that you have to sample the same dishes. What more do you want?? You want more? Okay, have a look! :D


The ambiance is very nice, very calm and inspite of the number of people there, you are allowed the luxury of your privacy.

Value for money:

For the non vegetarian menu it costs about 500 per head + tax.

Considering that it is a buffet service and we hogs go there on an empty stomach and a really huge and oversized pair of trousers, it is worth the money!

Final Verdict:

Service: 4.5/5

Food: 4.5/5

Ambiance: 4.5/5

Value for money: 4/5

Definitely worth a visit, maybe two! Or more!! :D

Happy eating!




  1. Sounds like a great place with great food. :)


  2. have heard a lot abt this place .. but sadly still hvnt been able to visit it ... your review makes the urge even stronger ... maybe the coming long weekend ... Thnks !!!

  3. how I wish Shimla had one such place...

    :) Anindita next time u go there pass my message to them...

  4. Wow....looks like nice place..:).
    grilled food love that stuff:).
    food looks good:).

  5. I m a newly turned VEGGIE!
    pls pls!! this is tempting my taste buds!!

    but ehh! it sounds yumm!

    wish this place was here in Mysore too :-/

    well lets put it this way.. i m glad this place is not in Mysore heheheh! i m on a DIET... bleh! i have been reminding everyone that :-/

  6. Hav heard abt it, sounds yummy!but yet to go there. Since i m a localite...i knw i can definitely drop by some time soon!

  7. Unrelated: This is the height of temptation.. How can you keep such yummy banners in the blog!! :9

  8. wow...this place seems great!! how i wish i was a non veggie fo a change:P

  9. wow...bbq n then 7 desserts......sounds like my kinda place....though am a veggie but am surely gonna enjoy paneer i know....a lotta ppl have mentioned that its a great place...thanks for the review hon...its a must go then. also the fact that ppl have privacy n its not like a fish market is something i'd like to go for.....

  10. am hungry after reading this post. didn't eat breakfast today... :(

  11. Damn those pictures!
    Damn that menu!
    Damn you anindita!
    Damn you Barbecue nation!

    Heard of this place, now I HAVE to visit!

    suggest some dishes nah...

  12. Just an addendum for those in Hyderabad, Barbeque Nation in Hyd is located at ANR Centre opp City Centre Mall, Banjara Hills. Call +(91)-(40)-66047874

    In Bangalore, you can find it at Indiranagar Opp Nandini Hotel. +(91)-(80)-66367159

    Apparently there is another branch at JP Nagar in Bangalore.

  13. @vrij
    thanx for the info, mate. will check the hyd outlet out when i visit later in this month

  14. @keshi

    it sure is..or else it will not be on ambrosia :P

  15. @hiren

    kya bhai...was expecting you to add some masala...

    ok go and visit this weekend and let us know...

    enjoy the break

  16. @d sinner

    haha I wish it was here too,

    hope anindita listens :)

  17. @kp time you are in bombay go there

    and next time you are in NY we goto a similar place...ok :)

  18. @veens


    your saga of diet continuos...well hope it is yum and you are tempted :)

    reminding us of the diet is ok - but I trylu hope you remember it...too

  19. @ria

    cool...bombayee...if you go there do come back and drop a note here as to how it was...


  20. @urv

    it is related dude...taste buds, temptation, urge, fat, diet.....ambrosia...all of it :)

  21. @princess mia

    kewl if you go there...add your comments here to let us know how it was....

  22. @trinaa

    ahaaa...hope you are satiated :) burp!!!!

  23. @satish bolla


    hope you had a hearty meal after this....

  24. @express need to go soon...

    good idea..will ask anindita to suggest some dishes...or if you go do let us know

  25. @vrij

    thank you...I am going to add this info to the post...for future reference...ok?

  26. @satish bolla

    cool so now you have a place to go...;) enjoy and let us know

  27. Anindita thanks for the time me in Mumbhai I will check it out...meanwhile will pass on the words to my friends...

  28. @ everyone

    I will be back post 13th to reply to these, read the following posts till then! :)

    @ Ceedy

    Thank you for covering up.. :)

  29. @CD

    thanks mate.....I realised i am wee bit late ;)

  30. have tried it... BBQ its known as!!

    its good... though i give it 3.5/5 not 5 ;)


  31. @ Ankur

    That of course is your perspective! :)

    I haven't given it a five! :D

  32. I have been to this place once... and it was yummmy food.. will definitely go there again..

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