Sunday, August 31, 2008

Favourites, anyone??

Well, as I sat about trying to figure out what my next post should be, I couldn't come up with anything specific. There were too many random things coming along. I got Pizza and Biryani together (:O :O :O) and then came coffee and fries (eeekkks) but the icing on the cake was paella and milkshake. (yuuuckkkk!!!) So in the end, I decided to do justice to all the food I loved and I made a mosaic instead! (The tag is the inspiration!)
So before I let you all in on my favourites, I would say; take a good look and tell me what your favourites are! What is it that you absolutely cannot do without? Milkshake? Ice cream? Espresso? Coffee? Biryani? Salad ???
So, let me in on your secrets and I will let you in on mine!

So, starting from left to right, I have:
  • Espresso
  • Pina Colada
  • Creme
  • Coffee Ice Cream
  • Soup
  • Crispy Chicken
  • Russian Salad with Pasta
  • Pasta
  • Chicken Biryani
  • Chicken Breast with flavoured Rice
  • Sandwich
  • Burger patty with fries
  • Cupcakes
  • Paella
  • Date and Walnut cake
  • Chocolate Truffles
  • Tiramisu
  • Chocolate Sundae
  • Milkshake
  • Ice cream

Now, tell me what you like, which dish is your absolute favourite and it does not have to be from the list above! ;)

Bon Appetite!


  1. # Chicken Biryani definitely...

    Nothing like it...

    But Anindita, as far as I notice, you didn't enlist any Fish recipe..

    I love Fish as well, especially Fish in tomato n mushroom sauce!

    Third would definately be Rajma-rice cooked by mom! yummm...

    Now, I need to rush to kitchen! :P

  2. half of the things i cant eat!! coz i m a die hard veggie!! :D

    so my favorate comes out to be Russian Salad with PAsta!! (without egg)!!

    but i have other favs too!! :D

    ab mujhe bhook lagi hai, and i m gonna have some garam kanda bhajji... it rained amost the whole day yesterday in Pune and this is the time when kanda bhajji simply rocks with tapri ki chai!! :D

    yummm!! :D


  3. alright here u go....i have a long list....

    1.Nutella tops the list cannot do without it.
    2. Next is Potatoes, I wonder what would my life be without potato
    3. Also Paneer, being a veggi, its like a treat for me
    4.I cannot survive without Dal/ all time fav
    5. Cold coffee with Icecream
    6.Banana Split
    9.Milshakes with whipped cream
    10.Juices with fresh fruit slices
    11. Banana bread
    12. These days I quite like thai food
    13. Ofcourse Pizzas

    OMG, me hungry nowwwwwww....*runs to the kitchen

  4. did i tell ya the mosiac looks so tempting...

  5. @ D Sinner

    Ohh! Chicken tikka Briyani is an all time favorite!! :D Can hog on it any time of the day!!!

    As far as fish goes, none of the pictures looked appetising enough! :D And, honestly speaking, I don't really like fish!! :D

    Rajma chawal, any day! :)

  6. @ Ankur

    Well, russian salad is everyone's favourite! :D

    Hmmmm... You are a vegetarian!! Well, why don't you list out all of your favourites! As for Kanda bhajji. even I want!!!!

  7. @ Mia


    Even I want.
    Even I want.
    Even I want.

    Well, I love your taste in food! And we should meet up some day and go on an eating spree! ;)

    PS: The mosaic is easy, even you should do one!!! Lemme know how that goes!


  8. I will have to go with Tiramisu..... but what i love the most in the world is a pickle (without the garlic flavor)
    Marinated lemon cut into boat like shapes...mmm... love it.

  9. Neat idea -

    from your list since I am a veggie - besides the Chicken - I will/have enjoyed everything.

    For me here at the things that I eat and enjoy
    - tea/coffee (hot) anytime, anywhere
    - gujju daal (its a bit sweet) with rice, dash of ghee and papad and if possible bhendi (this is my soul food)
    - Egg and cheese or bagel with butter for breakfast
    - aloo parathas with curd
    - pad thai raum mit (another thing I love and can eat anytime)
    - VADA PAU - PAV BHAJI -SEV POORI cant do without these
    - Gujju Theplas with Chundo (sweet mango pickle)
    - Eggplant parm sandwich on a roll with mozzarella...

    damn damn - I am not going to list anything more - I will start crying :(......

  10. @Ani

    babes exactly the same thought on my mind....let do that sometime soon.....seems like u have a sweet tooth....a think two of us for a dessert buffet wud be an awesome idea eh? what say?

  11. @CD

    gujju dal, hmmm i like that too....a bit khata meetha n whats with gujjus n rice n ghee eh? n also papad

    from yur list i like sev puri also ;)

    n CD if u start crying we will have to start providing hankies or tissues.....hahahah

  12. favorites..

    1) chicken legs roasted after being marinated in curd n some other ingredients that my mom makes...

    2) hot chocolate fudge of nirulas...

    3) pizza that i make...

  13. @maverick

    at nirulas i love banana split, triple sunday n HCF

  14. Egg-Curry...

  15. @ preethi

    Tiramisu.. yum yum yum!!! :D
    As far as the pickles go, well; that completely slipped off my mind! I love these really tangy mango ones that my classmate gets. Heavenly! ;)

  16. @ Ceedy


    I missed vada pav and pav bhaji! :(

    I lurrve street food but then my mosaic would have minimum of 100 cells! :D
    Aloo parathas are another favourite.. Don't cry, lets all meet up and hog! :)

  17. @ Mia

    Dessert buffet????!!!!! :O

    Do you like want to kill me now????

    **Salivates at the thought**

    Damn you! :(
    I want a whole lot of desserts now! :|

  18. @ maverick

    Would love to sample your pizzas! :)
    Personally, I suck at making them! :D

  19. @ Hobo

    Egg curry and parathas! ;)

  20. i can't think of anything other than
    tandoori chicken
    yumyum :D

  21. @ V

    Well, welcome to my world! :P

  22. ๑۩۞۩๑♥V♥๑۩۞۩๑ (bows down)
    shukriya dost :)

  23. @anindita

    exactly my point - I stopped or else I would have cried even more....

    yeah next time I am there - we can have a hog fest :) sure

  24. @princess mia

    I dunno whats with it...but I just love it...

    yeah - I was talking to another of my mumbai connection - my cousin who is here....and damn the crying continued well into the weekend :P

    so please please - talk to the relevant person and get me my quota of "handkerchiefs" lol

  25. Soup, salad, sandwich would top my list from here:). I would add nice Bourbon Steak or steak ro chicken fajita:).

  26. i hav such a long list of favs dat its pointless to even start with it here!!
    but out of ur list my fave is got to be choc sundae :D

  27. The first pic spotted on ..

    coffee with whip cream...

    Irresistable. got me thinking of


  28. Well my all time favorate...ok

    its a Sitaphal icecream at Naturals!! :D :D
    i simply love it...

    and now there u go..

    Lehsun ki chatni
    Baingan ka bharta
    aloo pyaz
    pav bhaji
    Paper Masala Dosa
    Burger patty
    Cafe Mocha

    and above all.. my morning Bournvita
    :D i love it!! !:D

  29. n i always eat a paneer ki sabzi when i go out... and when i m back home dal fry... its simply awesome there...
    ghar ki...
    gatte ki sazi
    childe ki sabzi
    :D :D

    this list is long.. heheh

  30. ok here is my list

    -pina colada
    -coffee ice cream...

    er!! all of the above, is there an option like that?!

    i wanna try all of that :D

    i m vegiterian... but my familyloves non-veg too :D

    so i wanna try it out for them

    recipe plssssssss :)

    lov ya for this... the post is yummilicious :D

    and i want smeone to temme abt Apple Pie too :D I tried it in micro-wave..but dint like the outcome... if neone knws abt that... i would be GLAD!

    danks ;)

  31. :O

    how d'ya expect anyone to chose from that sumptuous looking mosaic!! god... what a heavenly sight! :D

    but from here if i absolutely have to chose, i'd say chicken biryani and chocolate sundae and chocolate truffle..
    but only cuz u didn't have pizza :(

  32. oops.. i forgot! crispy chicken too!

  33. @ Amitoj

    Out with your favourites! Stop grinning!! :D

  34. @ KP

    Fajita and steak! Definitely yum!!! ;)

  35. @ gunj

    A complete chocoholic eh??? ;)

  36. @ Neeku

    I second you!


    I-C-E C-R-E-A-M!!

  37. @ Sweetstickychewy

    Aaahhh! Espresso! An all time favourite! =D

  38. @ Ankur

    Cafe Mocha! I absolutely love it! Darn, there are too many favourites I missed in this list!!! :'(

    Papad! :D

  39. @ veens

    Ofcourse you can go for all of the above! Our blog has no rules, and definitely no limits when it comes to eating!! :D

    As for apple pie, if I do try it, which is a decent possibility; I'll definitely put it up! :)

  40. @ Divya

    Glad you like the mosaic! I forgot pizza totally, remembered that after I posted!! :|