Saturday, July 16, 2011

One Love One World.....

It has been eons that this blog was updated. All bloggers associated with this blog have been busy on their new personal journeys. I sincerely hope that all of them are doing good and enjoying their respective lives.

Also a special thanks to all the readers, many of whom pushed us to revitalize this blog. So without further ado let me get to the post.

In the past year there have been tremendous upheavals around the middle east, latest bombings in my dear city of Bombay (can't still call it Mumbai - feels foreign to me), all sorts of natural calamities and also many joyous occasions around the world. All these events show that we are all striving for justice and freedom from some oppression or just to be able to voice our opinions. I think it is our inherent nature as rational beings.

We as humanity are really ONE just divided by political, religious and mental boundaries. In spite of these differences at the root of our many of our cultures, specially where food is concerned there are uncanny similarities in preparation of food around the globe.

By taking an example of simple filled or wrapped stuffing in a unleavened dough - then fried, baked or steamed - am trying to portray that even though ingredients are local or its meat vs vegetables or sweet, the basic underlying concept is similar. Somehow making me believe that these methods originated some place when we all were still ONE and then took them and modified them as we migrated.

Starting with India - the all time favorite snack Kachori - its filled with peas, or dried pulses or with potatoes or meat - and then fried.

Again in India - Karanji (Maharashtra) or Ghugra (Gujarat) or Kadabu (Karnataka) or Kozhakattai (Tamil Nadu/Kerela) or Gujiya (Rajashthan) - is a same concept of filling dough but here it is filled with sugar, jaggery, nuts, cardomom, saffron etc. and served as a sweet.

Moving to Oriental foods - like Chinese or Japanese - they have Wontons or Dumplings - either steamed or fried - still the concept is the same.

Moving to Italy - this is Ravioli - it is a filled pocket of Dough with usually ricotta cheese and some herbs. In the above picture it is boiled and then served with marinara sauce - but can be eaten in variety of ways - also tasted good simply baked in the oven. They also have a dish called Stromboli which is a larger form of Kachori - and it is a meal not a snack - filled with meat or sauteed vegetables and cheese and served with marinara sauce on side.

Then moving to Poland - this is Pierogi - same concept filled with vegetables or meat and they also have a sweet variety filled with seasonal berries and fruits served with whipped cream. In other parts of Northern Europe it is called by these names - Derelye (Hungary), Bryndzové Pirohy (Slovakia), Kiroște (Romania)

From North Europe moving to South America - these are Pastels (Brazil) - a very common snack served with beer - they have beef, chicken and cheese fillings.

Lastly Empanadas (Argentina and Chili) - similar idea and looks very similar to crescent shaped Kachoris made in India.

There might be many more examples - but I just wanted to portray a point that we all are ONE - so lets enjoy our ONENESS by celebrating the variety that the world has to offer.

I have personally tasted all of the above dishes in their vegetarian forms and do urge you to try them too.....

Lastly tweaking a word in the lyric of the song One Love by Bob Marley....

One Love, One Heart Let's EAT together and feel all right