Monday, August 18, 2008


Ambience-“MARKET CAFÉ” in Delhi is one of the few places that has it.
Located on the 16th most expensive retail street in the world, (according to real estate services firm Cushman & Wakefield’s annual global report, Main Streets Across the World 2007) Khan market , it holds one of the prime spots there.

A corner location, with two sides open to the beautiful n busy street in the front, which they have made full use of with huge windows, which allow natural lighting in the café, making the not so huge space look big and spacious.
The décor is a fusion of antique and contemporary art pieces, lamps, paintings, mirrors, flower arrangements, stones, and much more, all spread out artfully on the dome shaped shelves everywhere on the walls, without making the space look cluttered.

The basic theme is blue and white which is most prominent in their wonderfully done restroom with beautiful blue tiles! The walls everywhere are white n blue which highlights the showpieces and adds more space to the café! The blue chinaware adds to the theme and brightens up he guests’ moods :)

And the icing on the cake is the sexy terrace they have which is the best place to sit n savor their hookahs, coffee n food in winters! With a book in hand, I can sit there all day! Infact thanks to the free wi fi, a lot of people spend hours at a stretch here.

Now finally coming to the point, i.e – food :P
Their Euro Mexican cuisine includes yummy cheese fondue, pastas, risottos, salads, quesadillas (taste a lil too sexy) , fajitas, nachos (their cheese nachos platter is a must try) and much more! It serves some of the finest fruit coolers (ginger for d adventurous ones, lime for the play it safe set) and desserts.They also have a small bakery which offers a daily selection of fresh Breads and Deserts. The best part- they also serve starbucks coffee(beans) :D
my Gunj_Ambrosia vote goes to gooey chocolate served warmed with a scoop of vanilla ice-cream. Filled with walnuts in thick melting chocolate, baby its heaven on earth!! :D
Whatever I eat there, my meal isn’t over without this dessert! A must have for every chocolate lover. I’ll let the picture do the resta talking!

Open Everyday from10.30 am to 10.30 pm. offers customized catering. Frequent exhibitions by budding artists and photographers. 8 B, Khan Market (Middle Lane), New Delhi 110003
love - Gunj


  1. saxxy ... dilli mein mile to yahin milenge ..thik hai ?? :)


  2. @geet
    o pakka paaji! tu fikar na kar, mere dimag mein aur bahut sexy jagah hain ;)

  3. Good review...damn damn damn...goeey chocolate...

    do you know the interior designer/architect responsible for the interiors????

  4. Too gud.. I donno when it'll happen but when I next head to Delhi, this place is gonna have the pleasure of my patronage :)

  5. " gooey chocolate served warmed with a scoop of vanilla ice-cream. Filled with walnuts in thick melting chocolate "

    i m jealous :(

  6. I had tasted a similar version fo the dessert u mentioned...Sizzling brownies... :)

    loved the blog..been here after long time :)..but loved the looks

  7. @vrij
    oh its a must visit place!

  8. Darn it.. why wasnt Ambrosia around last sep.. was in Delhi.. was in KHan market.. but dint see this place... saw only that Cafe Turtle thingy in that bookstore.... :D

  9. @aarti
    oh this one is much better than that!

  10. sexy review :)

    and i loved the ambience too...10/10 for that...

    I missed that delicious thing :( (why did i have a burger before and why was I meeting him for a lunch..complaints and complaints .. sheh)

    Anyways, next time girl-m gonna catch u there only...Later I came to know that there is some center close by where all those exhibitions go on every day... darn, i missed on those too!!!

  11. ooo am so lucky to be in delhi on 26th ..hehe..chocolate vanilla here i come...yum yum

    thanx to you..perfect timing :)

  12. @d sinner
    next time u here we'll go again oka! muah

  13. @v
    oh u must visit this place!:)

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  15. Sounds like a cool place and good stuff :)


  16. Sounds like perfect ambiance n nachos n gonna keep this in mind for my next trip to delhi.....the pics r soooooooo tempting

  17. u r just increasing my "places to visit" list!! :P
    hehe... havent been to delhi for a while now, but i think i have nice excuses to be there now!!
    willl check it out soon!! :)


  18. hmmm... i miss this place soo used to be my fav place to chill...

  19. i already have a list of places tht i must visit when i visit Delhi..will add this! Gosh gurl u talk too much abt choc! BTW i don even know when im visitin Delhi!

    @Mia: where is ur blog??

  20. @ankur
    absolutely :D ill keep givin u more reasons!:)

  21. @suma
    it really is wonderful:)

  22. @pavi!!
    lol yea me n choclate go hand in hand :D

  23. sounds preety cool place...
    thanx for d info will be visiting it very soon!!!!!