Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Cheese Corn Kartoffel

Kartoffel is Potato in German. I love potatoes in any and every form. Today being a rainy day I just feel like having something warm n cheesy n the only thing that comes to my mind is Cheese Corn Kartoffel. The first time i ever had this was at the Prater in Vienna, and ever since then I am in love with this variation of potato. So today am gonna share with you the recipe of cheese corn kartoffel. By the way this makes an excellent side dish, its quite a quickie , ready in 30 minutes. A very good recipe for bachelors & working couples who dont wanna spend a lotta time cooking. Also a good dish that can be made for your friends when you invite em over to yours. May be you can help your mom by contributing one dish when you have guests over or how about a handmade quickie for your partner with a dash of love in it ;)

5 potatoes
1/2 cup of boiled corn kernels
1/2 cup of milk
250 gms of cheese spread
5 slices of cheese
1 garlic clove crushed (optional)
1 diced scallion / onion shallot (optional)
black pepper to taste
1. Cooking the potatoes
Take 5 same sized potatoes and thoroughly wash them. You can either choose to bake (preferred) the potatoes in their jackets or boil them.
To bake the potatoes put them in an oven at 230 degree celsius for approximately 30 minutes until the potatoes become soft. Turn the potato occasionally to ensure their baking evenly. Once the potato is taken out of the oven it must be pricked with a fork all over or broken into half at once, to permit the escape of steam so that the potato does not become soggy by the steam generated in the cooking process.
Boil the potatoes in a deep vessel and not in a pressure cooker. Make sure your boil the potatoes a little lesser than your normal time as you dont want the potato very soft.

2. You can either cut the potato in half or just scoop it out from the inside. If you have cut it into half scoop out the halves.

3. Making the cheese sauce.
In a sauce pan pour the milk, add the cheese spread and cheese slices. Add the crushed garlic clove, which is optional. Keep stirring on slow flame until the lumps have dissolved and it just starts to boil.

4. Stuffing the potato.
Now mix the cheese sauce with corn kernels and crush some black pepper (optional) and stuff it into the scooped potato. Garnish it with the diced shallot and serve it with a smile :)

5. If your not confident scooping out the potato just mash the potato & mix the cheese & corn.

Enjoy your Cheese Corn Kartoffel n lemme know how did ya find this recipe. Do drop in your comments when you try it out.
- Mia


  1. looks yummm

    however, i would wait for a Sunday to actually try it at home.

    between is it necessary to bake the potatoes? any alternative???

  2. @DSinner

    Trust me this will be yummilicious.

    btw its preffered that one bakes the potatoes than boil em only reason being the potato looses its taste in boiling where as it is retained in baking.

    No harm in boiling em, just make sure they dont get too soft if you wanna scoop em out , if you wanna try em mashed then soft potatoes are good.

    lemme know how did it go babes ;)

  3. First off good post - thanku for it...secondly I saw it in my lunch break...and am now more hungry....

    wil definately try it out and make some variations....will let you know....

    just more "food" for thought for the we get lots of varieties of cheeses and lots of varieties of potatoes...inna vada choice...

  4. @CD

    thanks mate. what an irnoy that u saw the same thingie for lunch, what did it look like eh?

    n yeah do try it out n post some pics n lemme know how did it turn out ;)

    n thanks for the food of thought ;)

  5. it sounds yumm but too much calories it seems!! :D

    n ppl dont keep promises it seems!! :)

    Sie spreche Deutsch?


  6. btw... kiddin abt the promise thing!! :P

  7. @ankur

    hey mate, ich spreche nicht gut deutsch

    yeah c'mon sometimes u can pamper yur taste buds inne? u have the option of 'lite' cheese man...n am sure potato to u anyways eat.....

    n whats the promise thing yur talking off i forgot ;(

  8. Love it!

    Feel like digging into it right away :)

  9. it's looks so damn tasty...
    one day i am gonaa make it for the pleasure of my taste buds..not near in future as i am on a strict diet these days.

  10. @vrij

    oh digging a stuffed potato haha

  11. @V

    dieting or die-eating

    whats yur pick.....i pick the second one is short n theres so much yet to eat....hahah

    (oops the devil in me in tempting u eh?)

  12. dieting so that i can get that portfolio of mine done soon ;)

    nothing can tempt me more than a chocolate(yum yum).so post whatever other than it i will not complain ;) and feel sorry myself hehe

  13. Mmmmm.. that does look yummmy.. think gramma is gonna boil some potatoes for dinner.. shall try this out!!!

    am sure am gonna love it... for 2reasons..

    1. cos my family loves potatoes(i dont eat em, once in a blue moon if i do)

    2. best recipe ever- cos its quite simple!!

  14. @v and mia

    LOL @ die eating...

    It happens everytime I am at a feast.....feel like I am gonna die but hell loves me too much :)

  15. I love the mashed or baked potato :). Only problem is, it takes whole lot to burn these high calorie meals!

  16. Hey Mia
    now this is a very interesting and simple to make dish, having two ingredients that i absolutely love ie. potato n CHEESE. i can kinda visualise the consisitent cheese sauce n the boiled potato, ah simple delights!
    take care

  17. i m on a low cal, though had the richest of it all... Dal-Baati-Choorma at home... wow!! :D

    and no cheese is low cal... take my word, just its either less choles or less fat, but calories are almost the same!! :P

    Und Sie spreche nicht gut Deutsch, Tser Gut!!!

    Ich auch spreche Deutsch, und liebe ich Deutsch! :D

    and promise, forget it... aisi promise toh chalti rehti hai!! :)


  18. @V

    oye....OZ padne ja raha hai ya shining marne hain?

    n chocolate.......ok mate i am also quite a watch out for my Nutella post

  19. @aaarti

    hey babes....yes babes its really really simple actually....lemme know how does it turn out to be when u try it out :)

    n u dont like potatoes ;(, aaisa kaise......i wonder what wud I do without potato n paneer being a vegetarian.

  20. @CD

    yeah mate....i can so relate to that.....i'd call myself a glutton....i guess same with u inne?

    khao piyo aish karo mitra.....gana suna hai?

  21. @kp

    yeah I agree with ya....hit yur gym after that or go for a run....the best....

    or better still, get someone else to eat it n u rather just taste it... what say eh?

  22. @td23

    hellow there ;)

    yes indeed its very very simple....give it a shot. n guess what i love melted cheese n potatoes to anytime, btw i also like paneer.

  23. oke now daal baari churma is my all time fav mate.....along with gatte ki sabzi n chuki hui mirch.....what say.....damn my mouth is watering.....i just had daal baati 2 days ago.....

    n yeah yru right there only low fat / cholestrol cheese....not low cal.....damn what wud it take for someone to invent low cal wud be so much better....

    am hungryyyyyyyyyyyy now!!!

    Sie mögen deutsche oder deutsche Mädchen?

    n i have a memory of a gold stuggling with the promise....pls tell me...pls pls...

  24. The pic is a killer!!!
    :D :D :D

  25. hehe..nahin yaar na padhne na shining marne..hehe pehli bar suna hai shining marne hehe

    me will be there to earn gud enough.

    gana sunta tha aaj se do saal pehle bahut khaata bhi tha sab aur peeeta bhi tha sab...but 2006 ki April mein suddenly i was forced into the exotic world of workouts and i left everything.

  26. I tried! I tried!
    I loved! I loved!
    and so did two of my friends I was having a night out with!

    thanks mia!

  27. u r a diff one altogether... generally girls dont like it!!

    and Gatte ki sabzi is like wow... amazing!!! pehle woh in-orbit mall mai ek Rajdhani karke rest tha, wahan par bhi thali mai milti thi, but ghar par, aur woh bhi jaipur mai, its just wow!! :D

    and chunki hui mirchi, we call it mirchi ke tipore too!! :D
    the best thing.... :D :D
    i simply love it, and yeah i had it yesterday!! :D

    u r always hungry... :P
    kiddin re!!


    Ich mag Deustchland und deutsche Sprache!
    Ich erlente dass zweimal und ich in der deutschen mitter der hervorrangender Leistung in meiner Firma!
    Luckily or unluckily... lolzz
    n i m not in habbit of speaking it too much but thnakfully u r d 2nd one arnd who can speak such good German!!!

    and well... the promise was nothing but once we talked abt some choco sandwiches!! :)


  28. yummmmmmm
    dat loooks great mia!
    im definitely gonna try dat :D

  29. @anindita

    trust me try out the recipe, it will be a total killer.....its mia's special....u wont get it at candies ;)

  30. shining marna is a very bombaiya term...

    i appreciate how u discipline yurself....nice...keep it up....n all the best on OZ mate...

  31. @express

    ah feels so good to hear reviews abt the recipe....yru the first one who tried it out so thanks....meant a lot to me.....glad u enjoyed it......u can try lotsa variations too.....

    thanks for taking yur time to post a comment after trying the recipe.


  32. oh yeah...meri jaisi koi nahi......i love rajasthani food.

    havent been to rajdhani ever as my aunt makes better stuff than rajdhani....

    n mate i dunno such fluent german....but appreciate yurs ;) good on ya :)

    choco sandwiches......damn my memory

    btw in pune u get a chocolate grilled sandwich hai na?

  33. @gunj

    dont forget to post yur reviews once u try it out...


  34. my mum too makes yummy rajasthani food!! :D
    hehe.. and i have been to Rajasthan too!! :P
    hehe... still at home babes, so kinda enjoyin my vacations and this is wat the mood sounds like! ;)

    and when u say... meri jaisi koi nahi... sounds like Jassi!!

    and abt this...
    **btw in pune u get a chocolate grilled sandwich hai na?

    i have already answered this one too!! :)
    so forget it! hehe


  35. Tried the Kartoffel on Sunday evening - check my latest post for the results...

    It was scrumptious and fuller...with a lot of oomph to it. One potatoe can satiate the belly and the senses....

    modified with adding carrots and green peppers...

    thank you for the recipe

    it kinda also tastes like Baked Cannolini - which is an Italian dish

  36. @ankur

    oh yeah thats from the jassi tv series ehhe.

    btw enjoy yur holiday n n the food too

  37. @CD

    glad u tried the recipe n u liked it. btw the variation was nice try.

    n yes one potato is really really filling...i did check our yur new post too....

    felt good that u tried the recipe. thanks.

  38. What a delicious way to enjoy potatoes!

    We would like to feature your recipe on our blog. Please email if interested. Thanks :)

    You can view our blog here:

  39. @sophie

    Welcome to Ambrosia. n Thanks for the gesture. I have dropped in an email to you.

    BTW if you do try the recipe let us know how did you find it.