Wednesday, July 30, 2008


The big coffee fan that I am, I am bound to start with a post on coffee :D

Well delhi in the last few years has seen a surge of coffee brands come up and open caf├ęs all around the city. There isn’t a respectable street/corner without a coffee shop to its credit. All major metro stations and even petrol pumps have small coffee counters by any of the big chains.

Ranging from biggies like Barista, CCD, Coffee Day, Coffee Beans and Tea Leaves, Craze Coffee, Costa Coffee, Chokola, Mocha, to the smaller ones like Madras coffee house and Starbeans to name a few.

But my favourite of all these, apart from Mocha which I really don’t think falls under the “coffee shop” category anymore thanks to the kind of crowds it attracts, the elaborate menu more popular for its Hookahs and thick shakes and its ambience in general; COSTA COFFEE totally steals the show when it comes to real coffee!

It is a UK based company who stepped in India only a couple of years ago (where were you guys before that???i missed you! :P ) and don’t have too many stores. All their shops are beautifully done in maroon and wooden brown, just the perfect coffee shop ambience with no loud music and generally a crowd of genuine coffee lovers.

The blend served is known as "Mocha Italia" and contains six parts Arabica beans and one part Robusta beans. My all time favorite on their menu is hot mocha coffee: Espresso with chocolate, topped with steamed, frothed milk and a sprinkling of chocolate:yummm!

For the cold coffee/shake lovers they have excellent light cold coffee and a good variety of chocolate shakes and fruity blends called Frescatos. Gunj_Ambrosia vote goes to “English toffee shake” and “mint chocolate shake”

From the bakery they have the best muffins in town in three awesome flavors: chocolate chip, lemon and banana! All three of them a must try!

Also their croissants available in plain and almond flavor are just perfect when it comes to softness and taste! Their chocolate pastries are as good as any other coffee shop’s if not better but in other flavors like blueberry, Costa wins hands down.

And this time they had me all happy and satisfied with the seasonal “mango cheese cake“ with a dash of chocolate on offer! It was the best cheese cake I have had in my life thanks to the fresh mango topping and chilled crusty base and amazingly dark chocolate all packed in each and every bite! Heaven! :D

From the food bar, again they have good sandwiches, focaccias, wraps and salads both in vegetarian and non vegetarian and chips and juices for the kids as well!

And the best part is the huge portions. Coffee available in primo (small), medio (medium) and Massimo (large) cups are all good value for money. You can choose yours depending on how greedy you are!

So next time you crave for coffee, you know where to go for some real coffee shop experience!


  1. Awesome!! !

    will visit the place when i visit Delhi next!! :)

    thnx gunj!
    can u also provide the locality?

  2. @ankur
    sure pal...its in Connaught place, Pitam Pura, Rajori gdn, Greater Kailash to name a few. for exact addresses u can google it as well!:)

  3. Hey gal....Costa Coffee, ah I have been wanting to go to this place since a while....Mocha Italis sounds really good, shall try it next time.

    I love shakes too, so I'd definitely rey the fruity shakes out there.

    N Muffins, I can have muffins any time of the day my fav is blue berry or banana muffin.....

    Costa Coffee is a must got for me I think.

    I have crossed it so many times never never there actually, but now since you highly vote for it.

  4. @ mia
    girl u better go thr nw!!

  5. you know what... i am actually waiting for the big daddy of them all.. Starbucks!!

    and yeah.. mango cheese cake sounds yummy!! and sinful..

    this food blog is a gr8 idea for 80 kg monsters like me :)

  6. @rahul
    oh hello...kabhi gaya hai starbucks?:P

  7. eh! I missed so much in delhi :(

    :) no worries next tym!

  8. I miss not living in Delhi! :(

  9. @anindita

    sweety theres costa coffee in bbay too, i know of one in juhu

  10. Since I cant goto Delhi - I will go to Starbucks here...and next time I am in Bombay will goto mentioned to anindita...

    neat post :)

  11. Damn! That muffin is killing me.

  12. Ceedy alerted me to be here and Im finally here Mia yeyyyyyyyyy!

    Great Food blog, yummy posts and Im so looking forward to read this from now on.

    Gunj Im such a Coffee chick I dun think I can live w.o. it! U made me wanna hv another one for the day. :)


  13. Now-a-days presentation is important and yes Costa is good in it.

  14. @d sinner
    u sure did babes!koi na next time!

  15. @anindita
    a to bbay mein bhi hai :D

  16. @solitaire
    it sure is killer!

  17. @keshi
    wow...u too! dats great!:)

  18. thanku ..for d time in delhi i am going to have a date with
    costa coffee .

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  20. The blog seems very nice.

    I love coffee. And this post is neat.

    Cheers :-)

  21. am more of a tea buff than coffeee but nevertheless end up spending lot of time in coffee shops on weekends ... I concur with your assessment on Costa ... the coffee somehow feels authentic at that place [I am dumb when it comes judging the authenticity from the ingredients, taste etc ... but somehow it feels good there :)] We have one Costa at Juhu in Mumbai

    And of course Mocha is all time favorite ... there is also one local coffee shop “Coffee More” which I frequent a lot ... it also has a decent menu and tastes alright too ...

  22. @hiren
    well i hav no idea about mumbai, but i hope i get to visit d city soon n try all dat:)

  23. @keshi

    ah my sydney connetion, whilst we r talking of coffee....i have to tell you that the Gloria Jeans Chain has stared in Mumbai as well...

    I have been there yet but soon i shud be there

    For guys who dont know Gloria Jeans , its an Aussie Coffee fav coffee shop in Syd.
    Mumbai has one in R-Mall,Goregaon and another on at Bandra..

    Oops....I will talk abt GJ in another post this is Costa Coffee

  24. coffee starts my day!!!will definately go here for coffee...if i am ever in delhi!

    if you ever have time. you should try starbucks and try their coffee and Pastries...its good:).

  25. @kp!
    they are still not available in india :(

  26. hey Mia Im here to spice up this space with both Vegemite and Curry talks :) ty for the cordial invitation!

    **....i have to tell you that the Gloria Jeans Chain has started in Mumbai as well...

    wow thats good news :) Now u can get the Aussie warmth right in the middle of Mumbai. Enjoy!



  27. oh my god...i want those muffins n cakes...yummmmmy ..tht choc has me craving!

  28. @pavi!!!
    :) mission accomplished!!

  29. @keshi

    Thanks so much dear, yur such a sweetheart.

    BTW yeah i havent been to Gloria Jeans yet but i shall go there soon n ofcourse u will get to read the review ;)

    Hugs dearie

  30. loved the way you wrote babe. i fav place here is star bucks!! other then local coffe cafes which make awesome ones..

    dilli ki itni jaankari??? giving somebody a compitition :P

  31. hi there
    a good blog n a cool concept. well i have not really been a fan of coffe shops cus i dont think i have ever had a great cuppa at any. There are no Costa Coffee outlets in Mumbai so no idea bout them. But i like the ambience of the coffee houses. Ofcourse the bill amount does demand that kinda ambience. i mean if i am payin 50 bucks for coffee i better have great ambience.

    I like the pastries and other bakery products available in the coffee shops. The best has been Death By Chocolate in CCD. Its a pity they dont have it anymore.

    Mocha is way beyond being a coffee shop. Its ambience is Excellent! Food is quite ok, nothing great really, but i love the fact tht i can sit hours there with a gang of friends. That can also be a real put off at times when you wait for the others to get out:P

    take care

  32. OMG, am i hungry for coffee now? am i going to a costa coffee with my buddies today evening?
    btw, i too love the interiors of the costa coffee outlets

  33. @geet
    paaji ab jab tu boss hai to humen thoda alert to rehna padega na!:P

    @taurean dude
    hey thr is ofcoz a costa coffe in mumbai, in Juhu i guess.

    @satish bolla
    mission acomplishd!

  34. @gunj
    whose mission? mine or urs? i went out to another coffee shop(a local one) and coffee mocha yesterday

  35. Gunj... sisttaa!! muffins... and that brown thing...darn!! drooling....

    sad i m not in DELHI... it is not there here in Mysore :-/

    k .. i m not a cofee lover...but an occasional one.. lightens me up :))

  36. @satish
    oh cafe mocha rocks!!:d

  37. @veens
    all dat was tempting inne?

  38. had been to delhi recently... and had been to COSTA.


    personally i liked it better than CCD and Barista and Mocha, though i wonder if COSTA has an outlet in Bombay... oops... mumbai. :)
    (though after the blasts a few numerologists do claim that having the city renamed 'bombay' would be better as it encourages peace and harmony.. wonder what Raj Thackery has to say about it.)