Monday, July 28, 2008

Ambrosia welcomes you :)

Ok guys finally after bludging all these days I get my act together and start the food blog. BTW all thanks to Ceedy, cos he was the one who suggested the idea to me of having a food blog in the first place. N secondly thanks to Anindita cos she actually suggested the name of the blog Ambrosia which means food of Gods. Beautiful meaning inne? By now most of you already know I am quite a foodie, foods one thing thats always on my mind. So I start this blog cos of my love for food. BTW I'd like to share that this food blogs a unique one cos there are various authors from different parts of the world coming from different cultures, so u will not only get an insight on food but also on the eating habits of different regions. Besides we also take orders for alcohol n food n dessert supply when our fellow bloggers r hosting a party on their blog. We specialise in preparing customized menus for such events. We also take requests for virtual meals if one wants to surprise their partner or their loved ones by actually preparing a virtual meal for em (cos may be you dont know to cook or r running short of time). We also take requests from ppl if they looking for a special recipe. If you have planned a party over the weekend and are confused about what menu should you have, pls feel free to drop in a line n Ambrosia team will be there to assist you. So guys hope to see you guys around and pls feel free to drop in comments and let us know how we can help you.
BTW to give u a gist of what Ambrosia is, in Indian style...below is a picture of Chappan bhog (chappan = 56 bhog = food offerings to Gods) at the ISCKON temple at Juhu. The offerings contain 56 different varieties of eatables, from fruits, juices, curries, breads, rice and desserts.
The food is placed in front of the idols

Then everybody sings the bhajans (carols)

After the ceremony is finished the food is distributed amongst thousands of devotees at the temple.

-Princess Mia


  1. OMG...i am the first one..yippeeeee ...

  2. //we also take orders for alcohol n food n desert supply when our fellow bloggers r hosting a party on their blog//

    virtual alcohol? damn it! what more is left to see....:(

    thanks for that info on 56 i know..hehe one of the enlightened ones now.

    a separate section for recipes for foods that can be prepared in 5-10 minutes and not more than that would be highly appreciated.

    waiting to see that section ...:D
    take care ji
    and thanks to all you team members...would have be glad to see their names though.

  3. The description with the title is wat i loved!! :D

    and ya, a good beginning, now u have to keep up the pace to get it going!! :)

    Good luck...

  4. i won't have to spend bucks on cookery classes:P

  5. @v

    hey mate filhaal we r starting with virtual alcohol if this gets big u never know we cud home deliver to ya as well...what say *wink wink

    n yeah on yur special request we will surely have a section for quick that guys like u can have a quick meal ;) we shall have this section up n running soon, will keep u informed oke mate. thanks for the suggestion

    well the team memebrs r gonna make their post n soon u will know who they are....

  6. @ankur

    u mean u loved
    "There is no love sincerer than the love of food"

    the quotes by Geroge Bernard Shaw, i think i shud add his name next to it.

    yeah mate thanks for yur wishes....keep n eye here lotsa more coming up soon ;)

  7. @DD

    absolutely make r recipies section shud be sufficient for ya.

  8. "guys like u can have a quick meal ;)"

    bull's eye....:D

    i am watching you....

  9. finally this one is up n running! :)

  10. Herbal Tea at ISKCON, Juhu, Good.

  11. yaaaay :) up n running..
    n i'm lickng my fingers already , with expectation.. come on princess, brew it up :)

  12. koi khana pakayega ya sirf khane ki khushboo k liye banaya hai blog :O

  13. @hobo

    welcome mate.

    herbel tea at ISCKON, aha never tried that...

  14. @jane

    yeah babes....u will see some new posts soon....promise....

  15. hey mia u changed d post!! bataya kyon nai! well this 1z really gud fo a 1st post:)

  16. Cool start...lets rock and roll

  17. Hey, cool idea.

    Good luck with this 1 guys, really looking forward to it :-)

  18. first, let me just re-iterate what i said to ceedy on his blog ... Congratulations and best wishes to all of yaa for your new venture .... hope that GOD showers his blessings and you all run a successsful e-food joint !!! :)

    will surely hop over to this space for a quick bite every now and then :)

    cheers !!

  19. @CD

    hmmm, we've started to roll, so now lets start rocking soon, looking forward for your post

  20. @express

    thanks for yur wishes mates...hope to see ya around.

  21. @Hiren

    thanks a lot mate....yeah we need u to keep visiting us to make this see ya soon

  22. Food of Gods... Very fascinating! n tht ritual at isckon as well...

    will keep droppin in to read more...Good luck to the team :)

  23. @pavi

    thanks so much pavi. the pic is taken during diwali time , i dont remember the occasion but just a couple of days after diwali is some ekadashi which is grand is isckon so i was there.

    yeah keep visiting for more interesting articles coming up soon ;)

  24. hi there
    I have been to the ISCKON temple many a times. I just love the ambience there, and that addictive aroma of the food being cooked somewhere in the complex. even the most simplest foods like say samosa, have such unique taste.

    I once had the oppurtunity to have the Mahaprasad there, and i was left asking for more. I never really thought that Veg food could be that heavy. but it was truly Ambrosia!

    take care

  25. no one can expect a better first post than this. i loved the orders part. would love to order something frm here soon.
    btw, i never knew that ceedy is a good cook. he didn't even tell me yesterday whn we were talking abt indian restaurants n stuff.
    also, one more thing. don't expect me much here. am not into cooking at all

  26. @td23

    oh u bet ISCKON everythings made in desi ghee n the samosas / gulab jamuns one gets there r just amazing....

    btw keep visiting ambrosia to pamper your tastebuds ;)

  27. @satish

    mate yehi dosti eh? what abt ice cream posts eh? c'mon mate.....