Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Caramel Celebrations!!!

Folks there have been many changes and all good with the cookers in the past one week and thus there have been no updates on Ambrosia.

Since all the news are happy news - the second post on Wine that was mentioned in the last post - it can wait. First sharing the good news -

Vrij and Mrs. Vrij have a new entrant in their life - a cute baby boy :)
D'Sinner got selected to a course to Punjab University as was her dream.
Gunj has got a new job and has moved to a new city.
Princess Mia is looking forward to her vacation to Goa with her friend.
Anindita is looking forward to her vacation.
and as for me Ceedy I am simply celebrating life and new online friends.

Congratulations to one an all!!!!!!!

So to celebrate each of our changes and of any changes of any readers of this blog, I am sharing this easy recipe of Caramel Walnut Brownies by Sanjeev Kapoor of Khana Khazana fame.

I have baked this many a times and it is simple and has been appreciated by all.

Preparation Time: 30 Minutes

Cooking Time: 40 Minutes

1/2 cup Sugar
Oil to grease
250 grams Chocolate
8 tablespoons Butter
4 Eggs
2-3 Drops Vanilla essence
1/2 Cup Powdered sugar
1 cup Refined flour (maida)
1/2 teaspoon Baking powder
A pinch Salt
1/2 cup Walnut kernels, crushed lightly

Method of preparaion:
- Preheat oven to 180° C. Grease a baking sheet with oil.
1) Preparing Caramel
- Combine sugar and two tablespoons of water in a pan and bring it to a boil. Cook, stirring all the time, until the mixture is deep brown in colour. Set it aside and keep it warm on a pan of hot water.
(If you want you can skip the caramel part and simply call it Chocolate Brownies)

2)Preparing the Batter for the Brownies
-Combine chocolate and butter in a pan. To melt this mixture, put some water in a bigger vessel and place the bowl with the chocolate in it and cook till it is smooth and even. Or you can microwave it for a minute at a time till both melt enough to be mixed smooth and even.
-Remove from heat and allow to cool.
-Beat eggs with vanilla essence until frothy. Gradually add powdered sugar, beating well till all the sugar has been used up.
-Sift refined flour, baking powder and salt.
-Add to the egg mixture, little at a time, folding into it carefully and lightly without losing much aeration.
-Blend in the cooled chocolate mixture. Spread half of this batter onto a prepared baking sheet. Bake for around six minutes.
-Remove from the oven and spread caramel carefully over the baked layer. Stir in walnuts into the remaining chocolate batter and spread over the caramel layer. Bake for twenty minutes.
(As an option you can also add chocolate chips at this stage with walnuts)
-Take it out of the oven and cool on a wire rack. Refrigerate before cutting into bars or squares.

The brownies can be had on their own or can also be served with a twist.

Once cut into squares before serving warm the brownies a little and serve it with Vanilla Icecream and chocolate syrup smeared on it. I prefer using the Vanilla Bean Icecream instead. Has a richer taste.

Hope you enjoy it!!!!!


  1. Congrats to everyone!!

    Awesome recipe!
    Hey, I have a great recipe for oatmeal-peanut butter- chocolate chip cookies (inspired by Paula Dean. I call them Monster cookies). Will be happy to share if you like.

  2. @Vrij
    What is your baby boy's name? Would love to see pics!!

  3. aww! happy shappy news!!

    Vrij bhai!! celebration post :) mithai batto :)

    Ceedy this is a wonderful recipe... looks simple :)

    but trust me to spoil it too :D

    i will try this one :)

  4. Congratulations to all the cookers ....

    ceddy bhai ... eggless nahi banta kya yeh ??? ;)

  5. Congrats to all
    and Ceedy bro..

    i have to go to gym everyday and resist all the temptations to stay fit and u ...u want to spoil me..

    if i get any fat around my belly i will tell my coach who is to blame ;D

  6. congrats to everyone :)
    and that looks absolutely yummylicious :D will try it out maybe this sunday :)

  7. Ceed, I will try this over the weekend...and will check on other entries here.

    Thanks for sharing!

  8. first of all thank u...
    when we think abt hobby .. there is no matter wht age r u... keep enjoy...take care


  9. congrats to all ma fellow cokkers n also to everyone joiing in the celebration....have fun...

    those brownies r a killer...damn now u got me craving for em n am gonna just pack my laptop n leave from work n head straight to brownie cottage n then go home.....

    yur such a sinner CD.

  10. Ceedy

    I wish I had the time to even think of vacations!! >_<
    I have been working my ass of! I dream of vacations instead! And yeah, them brownies look delicious! Will try them soon!! :)

  11. @carolinagal

    Thanks and do try this recipe.

    And thanks for sending me the recipe for monster cookies - will post it soon :)

    And you can goto Vrij's blog...he posted the pic of the baby...

  12. @veens

    the only thing you can spoil here is over bake it...ir else its not that tough....

    try it and let me know

  13. @hiren

    eggless bhi banta hoga....I will check on it...for you :)

  14. @vicky

    you decide bhai...jeene ke liya khana ke khane ke liye jeena

    main to sirf appna kam kar raha hoon....sweet bat raha hoon :)

  15. @divya

    glad you liked it...and let me know if you do bake it

  16. @mariposa

    thanks for the visit and hope you try it...let me know

  17. @princess


    did you have the brownies?

    I am cd - it is d'sinner....

  18. @anindita

    well sorry....but atleast you have time to dream....

    when you bake it let me know :)

  19. GULP!
    I was just thinking of curbing my sweet tooth.

  20. m late...

    ut nyways congrats to Me :P , Vrij and rest of the cookers too...

    hope life comes like life...

  21. Ceedy
    first of congratulations to all the foodies here.
    the pic of the brownies is so tempting!! its been ages since ive had a brownie n u know wot im gonna get my Death By Chocolate tomoro by hook or by crook:D
    the recipe seems quite asy, i guess ill give it a try this weekend:D
    take care

  22. @macademia

    hahahha....so did this coax you to dive into the softness of the brownie?

  23. @d gypsy

    yeah congrats again....

    but how will you know if life comes as life...you havent seen it yet to compare have you?

  24. @td23

    thanks bud....and hope you enjoy the brownie...do let us know :)

  25. Can't enjoy it until I know the number of calories in it!