Thursday, October 2, 2008

Power packed Oats

A lotta people these days are getting health conscious inne? A lot of are readers here are also on a low cal diet this ones specially goes out to all the people who go gymming, are on a diet or are thinking of die-eating and ofcourse for all those who have just been putting on weight reading all the Ambrosia posts ......So lets talk about oats today.....

So for those of you who have only heard of white bread n cheese n whole cream milk....lets see what are oats eh?

Oats are grasses that produce grains just like wheat, barley, rice etc. Oats grow on stalks, with kernels more widely distributed along a looser tree-like framework. They are very popular in the West and slowly catching up in the East too. Its very popular in the health food movement cos of its high nutritional value. Oats are high in protein, calcium, fiber, vitamin E.
Why should you have Oats?
  • Lowers LDL 'bad' cholestrol which in turns reduces the risk of heart diseases. The fibre absorbs excess fat and flushes it out of the system curing constipation also.
  • Highest protein content amongst cereals , which is equivalent to soy protein which has been shown by WHO to be equal to meat, milk & egg protein thus boosts energy. 
  • Stabilizes blood glucose levels, balancing blood sugar levels by eating fibre rich food helps mood swings & depression. Oat meal rejuvinates the endocrine systems & enriches sexual pleasure as it matures the nerves. 
  • Some fatty acids, antioxidants & vitamin E present in oatmeal slow cell damage n reduce risk of cancer. 
  • Being low in fat and salt is a good source of iron. 
  • Contain high calcium content thus good for heart, bones n nails. 
  • Can be used as a substitue for cornflour, thus can be added in soups & gravies as a thickening agent.
BTW Oats can be eaten as porridge, oatcakes oatmeal cookies. Oats can be found in cold cereals like museli n granola being partly cooked in the mill can be consumed with fresh or dried fruits & yogurt.
FYI - Oats are used for brewing beer and also to feed cattle n horses.


  1. knew that oats contribute to healthy diet .... but didn't knew that it had so many benefits.... thanks for the information !!!

  2. thanks Mia...

    hopefully this wud help the diet conscius ones... I tries oats once and puked... just cant get them down my throat, moreover, I just love eating food for now...

  3. hey Mia
    thanks for all that info. i used 2 have an oatmeal breakfast after my workout but discontinued it, but after readin this post i guess ill resume it:d
    take care

  4. i have been having oat meal for breakfast for three months continuously :D
    Trust me it's as healthy as the post says.I have been telling all my friends to start having oat meal daily.Your body will thank you for this...

    for taste purposes i add 2 scoops of my favorite Strawberry Protein Powder
    Try it and tell me if it woked for you.

  5. Damn this is anti - gujju....

    But a nice post...

    I only eat oatmeal raisin cookies and have beer....

    This makes me think :)

  6. Im so slack on oats and any cereal type of food. But yeah, I know oats r really healthy!

    Im just a nong-nong when it comes to cereal, thats all :)

    ty for this Mia!


  7. @hiren

    mate give it a shot...n lemme know what say after that?

  8. @d gypsy

    babes may be u tried plain oats, try a mix of raisins n nuts in em to add some flavour....i usually do that n i add cold milk to it. also the granola bars taste really good....

  9. @TD23

    hehe way to go mate....
    see ya around

  10. @vicky

    mate when i wrote this post i had u in mind i was waiting to get yur vishesh tippini heheh...

    n hey tats a nice idea of adding protien powder in yru oats.....but its only good for ppl who work out....if ppl dont work out its not good for em to add proten to their meal then....

    btw i can have oats in the form of granola bars, cookies n porridge but i cant add protien flavour man....i dunno i just dont like the taste of whey

  11. @CD

    hahaha loved yru comment anti gujju.....heheh....this is also anti foodies i guess......but i think atleast one meal a day we can switch on to the healthy mode....

    n did i mention in the post oats r used to make beer also heheh

  12. @keshi

    hey babes...i used to be pretty slcack on cereal as well....but once i came to syd i was loving the different varieties of cereal man....

    my all time fav is crispix hehehe....

    btw u might wanna consoder this with yur new resolutions of fitness baby...cos after a work out yur body needs protiens to work out on the worn out muscles n protien helps big time...

  13. @ Princess mia
    yaa you are right ppl who don't workout will not be able to degest all that protein in their system.

    So my visesh tippani didn't

  14. @vicky

    come one yaar....not at all....i knew for sure this wud be yur kinda post....

    anyways muscle is life eh?

  15. life's fun these not at all night all day :D

  16. i m having it in breakfast as u said!!! ;)


  17. i m having it in breakfast as u said!!! ;)


  18. Oat and honey cookies are yum! You have to try them!!!! :)

  19. I write on health, fitness, food and beauty. Do check my blog

  20. I write on health, fitness, food and beauty. Do check my blog

  21. no wonder i m hooked on to oatmeal. :) I hav it everyday as breakfast.

  22. great post...thanks for the info!

    oats are i know why beer is so healthy:).

  23. Am right now on an oats-diet for weight loss.

    This is interesting information.

  24. hey! ya all

    @princess mia:

    a very informative post on oats..
    dint know it had so many benefits... :)


    @ everyone:

    thought i might share something again...
    while baking always try the 'quick oats' as they are a quicker version of the oats, and give better flavour as they aren't so chewy... though you can have the normal ones for breakfast...

    and i will HAVE TO STOP writing comments as lengthy as the posts, lest you people kick me outta here.. ;)