Thursday, September 11, 2008

Brazilian Lemonade

This recipe is the quick one when you have guests at home and you want to serve them something other than the regular water/coke etc. It is quick to make and is always a delight with the friends! :D


* 2 Limes (Not lemons!!)
* 1/2 cup Sugar
* 3 tablespoons sweetened Condensed Milk
* 3 cups Water
* Ice


* Wash the limes thoroughly. Cut off the ends and squeeze out the juice.
* Take the juice and along with the sugar, water, condensed milk and ice; blend in a blender.
* Serve chilled!
Serves: 4
Preparation time: 10 minutes

Enjoy! Cheers.



  1. looks nice but half a cup sugar!! n condensed milk!! dats a whole lotta fat!

  2. I agree with Gunj!

    Also, please post a recipe that tells us what to do with the rest of the opened condensed milk can.

  3. yeah ! that's what i was talking about people.
    easy and quick serve.
    10q's ji

    take care and have a nice day

    [ya ya to all the commenting people too ] ;)

  4. babes....i read that post n ran into the kitchen.....then i was looking for lemons n i realised u wrote so tempted to make this....n morrow i shall get some limes...if not morrow surely on weekend.....i dont care...i wanna have this.....

    thanks thanks for sharing this ;)

  5. @sol

    babes i'd probably just eat up the rest of it.....or may be buy a flan cake....pour the remaining of it on the flan cake n slice some bananas on top n grate some chocolate or may be spinkle some....n lemme know how does it taste

  6. @V

    I didnt get this
    *[ya ya to all the commenting people too ] ;)

  7. @ Princess Mia
    i saw chocolate and was here in a flash.
    chocolate and bananas..never had that combo...gonna try this ASAP.
    10 q's to princess

  8. @ princess mia
    ohh..umm..actually when this blog started then i asked that their should be separate section where the quick eatable things should be posted.
    I was referring to u do understand ..i suppose. :D

  9. Seems too sweet for my taste....thanks for sharing....

    And need to find out - doesn't condensed MILK curdle with LIME

  10. thanks! but wouldn't it be a little too sweet?

  11. OMG.... so much of calories and carbs, and fats... i m goona die!! :P

  12. gonna be sweeet... but one thing...whats the proportion of lime and condensed milk???

    secondly---how thick wud the final prep be or is it supposed to watery???

  13. Wow.. it looks cool.. let's Me try..^^

  14. @ gunj

    It does serve 4. And half a cup sugar can be substituted to about 6 teaspoons! If you aren't too big a fan of the sweetness, cut down on the sugar and let me know how this goes! :)

  15. @ solitaire

    Well, I gave an alternative to the sweetness issue! Don't forget that the recipe serves 4! :P

    The rest of the condensed milk goes in the fridge and can be used to make a whole variety of sweets, unless you are making the lemonade; again! :D

  16. @ v

    Well good for you. Try this out and let me know how it goes!

    BTW what does 10 q's stand for?

  17. @ Mia


    Let me know how this goes! ;)

  18. @ Ceedy

    Cut down on the sugar then. No one says you have to strictly follow the recipe! :D

    Plus, lime= mosambis here. Not lemon. And no, the milk doesn't curdle. Try it out!! :D

    You might even like it! =)

  19. @ Divya

    Suit your taste and put some less sugar. Magic I tell you! :D

  20. @ Ankur

    It is the taste and the texture that will kill. Plus, you can always catch a long pending jog or maybe a walk after this recipe?! :D

  21. @ neha

    I mentioned the proportion so, I didn't get what you are trying to ask. The final thing will be watery. It is like lemonade, but with a twist! ;)

  22. @ Alice

    Let me know how that goes.
    Cheers. ^^

  23. @ Anindita

    oh i tried it today.It turned out that my friends loved it.they said thanks to you guys.

    10q's = thank you's

  24. looks good ... let me find someone who can actually prepare this :) (i m sure even if i try with the recipe i will mess it up ...)

  25. @ v

    That's nice!!!! :D But you don't mention if you also like it!! Do you? Or don't you???? ;)

  26. @ hiren

    :| :| :|

    How the hell will you mess this recipe up???? :|

  27. @ anindita

    oye..yeh bhi koi kehne waali baat hai.
    ofcourse i loved it.
    now post something non-veg soon.

    cheers and take care

  28. this is sumthing i will try for sure... looks easy... is easy to i hope

  29. @anindita

    babes i still have to get limes.....thanks for clarifying that lime = sweetlime cos i was thinking of other lime.

  30. @V

    hey mate hmmm i love both chocolate n banana....

    n guess what the soon we r gonna come up with a quick snack u will find loads of recipe...btw the kartoffel i mentioned was also a quick snack....did u try tat

  31. @ Princess Mia
    actually i would like to..but my diet schedule doesn't allow me to indulge in potatoes .. :P
    although chocolate is banned too..but i just can't resist it. :D

  32. Condensed milk came as a surprise addition into the drink..

    and i have always loved Lemonades..oh so refreshing..! but the condensed milk sure did stop me in my tracks!..whoopsy.

  33. I better stop reading this blog. Its making me put on weight.

  34. hey! ya all

    @princess mia

    limes and condensed milk -an unusual combination though it looks lovely... ummm... i mean sweet :)

  35. hey! ya all

    @princess mia

    limes and condensed milk -an unusual combination though it looks lovely... ummm... i mean sweet :)