Tuesday, September 9, 2008


Presented here is a simple Badam Pista Kulfi recipe. Kulfi is a flavoured frozen dessert that comes from the Indian subcontinent. Western icereams are whipped whereas the Kulfi is not whipped, resulting in a solid frozen dense desert.
The recipe for this delicious treat is provided by our first guest blogger Neeku.
From the entire Ambrosia team we thank you for your enthusiasm and participation.
Here is the recipe :
1 Can of store bought Condensed Milk
2 Cans of store bought Evaporated Milk
* Note the proportion is 1:2 whatever measurement you choose to take*
1/2 Cup of grated almonds (badaam)
1/2 Cup of graded pistachios (pista)
1 gram of Kesar (saffron)
1/3 cup of whipping cream (optional)
Take a bowl and add all the ingredients. Mix it well. Take sauce pan and pour the mixture and bring it to boil two times.

Let it cool and simmer and then pour the mixture into your kulfi moulds. Here we have used the muffin aluminium moulds.
Let it freeze...

to ENJOY it later.

The above recipe was tried and tested and cataloged by me. It was an awesome treat for the palate leaving everyone who tasted it wanting more of it. Also after discussing with the contributor - one can also add crushed Cardomom (Eliachi) to get some extra flavor.
Also I liked to rename this dessert as Muffis - combining the flavor of Kulfi into a mould of Muffin both real sweet treats.

Hope you guys enjoy this delicious treat.

Contributor - Neeku
Presented by - Ceedy


  1. YAY !!!!! ME so so so Happy Happy...

    *Neetal playing drums like the energizer bunny ;) !**


    I am so glad you and your cousins liked it... and I love the pictures .... and you misspelled the Flavor ( you spelled flawor!!) in the last three lines of the post... =P ... just a little typo...


  2. @neeku
    Yayy...glad you are happy :)

    Yes it was a treat and a was a real crowd pleaser...

    and the flavor is corrected - thanks :)

  3. Kindly let us know how many calories in this as well!!

  4. solitaire ... good question.... let me find out and come back and let you know...

  5. Kulfi is evergreen ... right from the roadside kulfis ... (those in a long cylindrical shapes holded by a kaandi :)) ... to the more sophisticated restaurant ones ... and more often than not .. I opt for this simple, no fuss dessert ...

    ** Got to know today that there is something like evaporated milk as well .... :-) wats the diff ???

  6. @Neeku

    Thanks so much Neeku, it looks soooo tempting, am gonna give it a shot soon cos i love Kulfi. Keep it coming babes :)

  7. @CD

    thanks for presenting it.....next pics

  8. Wow, this looks super yummy and super simple (simple enough for "kash can't cook to save her life" to make ;)

    Will try it soon!

    Thanks neeku and ceedy!

  9. boy this looks sinful!!
    im gonna try it soon :D

  10. boy this looks sinful!!
    im gonna try it soon :D

  11. nice...

    Thnks so much neeku!

    the pics are so tempting, m gonna indulge in it soon

    and yeah, kulfis are evergreen...now Ceedy has rightly named it Muffi!

  12. @solitaire

    good question - as per my calculations - its about 250 calories per piece - will wait for Neeku to confirm it though.

  13. @hobo

    kewl....hope you make it too

  14. @hiren

    agree...kulfi is a very delectable dessert...miss the one at juhu or chowpatty but beleive me this was real close to that original one.

    Evaporated milk - even I was initially confused but Neeku confirmed that it is available in India.

    Here is a brief description from Wikipedia
    Evaporated milk, also known as dehydrated milk, is a shelf-stable canned milk product with about 60% of the water removed from fresh milk. It differs from condensed milk, which contains sugar

  15. @aneri

    you sure can make it and surprise people...it is real simple :)

  16. @gunj

    let us know...how you like it

  17. @d gypsy

    Let us know how you like it if you do indulge

  18. good one... bas larr tapak gayi!! :P
    ab bhook lagi hai and i m on dieting... saala jindagi mai issues kam nahi hai!! ! :((((

  19. @ Princess Mia, Aneri and D Gypsy: Thank you so much =) and I am glad you guys like it !

    @All: Thank you again for liking it... it think the credit more goes to Ceedy for ... presenting it in such a beautiful way... that it almost seems irresistible to not to start eating the screen away... ;)

    On a much more lighter note, Kulfi is my favorite.... its indeed a delightful delicacy which is now not only easy to make but ... also delicious too!

  20. @ Ambrosia Team: It was a sheer sweet pleasure to contribute one of my favorite recipes to Ambrosia Food blog. I appreciate the warm welcome of being the "First" visiting blogger ! and so with Cheers thanks all of thee =)

  21. @neeku

    thanks for the kind words...it was really a simple and great recipe....

    so its a combined effort...

    and yes you have the honor of being the first guest blogger...hope to see you here again :) as a participant

  22. I triedddd!!! It was goooooddd!!! :)

  23. My mom the best in kulfi making.
    Will post.

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  25. @Ceedy and Neeku
    Nice job! Looks yummmmyy!!

    Hey Ceedy, are you sure this is only 250 calories per piece? Wow! (Can you please tell me the size of the muffin molds?)

  26. @anindita

    great....you enjoyed it.....

  27. @hobo

    will wait for your input...

  28. @carolinagal

    Thanks...it was awesome...I wish I cld share it here ;)

    Ok re: calories...it is not full proof - what I did is take the individual ingrediants and looked up their calorie content on this website http://www.thecaloriecounter.com/
    and deduced the calorie per piece.

    This recipe once boiled properly fit into two trays of 2" round muffin moulds....

    Well indulging in one once is not harmful I guess...even if it is a little higher in calories...

    enjoy and hope this answers your question

  29. @ Carolinagal: Thanks =) well as ceedy says... it should be approximately 250 cals... also to make it fat free... you can get the unsweetened condensed milk and add substitute sugar for sweetness... that should bring the calorie Really Really down...

  30. @Ceedy
    **Well indulging in one once is not harmful I guess...even if it is a little higher in calories**..Ekdum sachi vaat kahi!

    Thanks! Thats a brilliant idea. I will try it with Splenda.