Thursday, March 19, 2009


Its been a while for an update here - but we hope to be back on track.

Most places all around the world are famous for small quaint eateries with great food. You can find these places littered in almost every town or city and they are sometimes as or more popular than the big restaurants serving lavish meals.

The advantages of these eateries is the personal service, simple menu, cheaper food and on top of the list the food there is freaking tasty.

The other fun element is interaction with local people on one to one basis at these places allowing for exchange of ideas, culture, habits and quirks.

The first place that I frequent is in the Greenwich Village on MacDougal Street between Bleecker and 3rd Street. It is a small 8' x 20' place called Mamoun's (link to the place) established before I was even born in 1971.

The place serves delicious hot Falafels for very cheap. You have an option of sitting in the semi dark quaint cafe like setting or simply stand outside and eat it enjoying the "cute" crowd that hangs out in the village.

Falafel is basically a Middle Eastern fried ball or patty made of fava and/or chickpeas. It can be had as a sandwich or as an appetizer.

In the sandwich for they are encased in the pita like bread that acts as a pocket, topped with salad, picked vegetables, hot sauce and smeared with tahini sauces.

Here is a very detailed info on falafel.

Going back to Mamouns, the menu is a simple fare with lots of options if you are a vegetarian.

There is a selection from Baba Ghannouj, Hummus, Small Grape Leaves, Makdoos, Tabbouleh, Spinach Roll and Mamouns Salad.

For the non vegetarians there is a variety of Lamb and Chicken dishes like the Shesh Kebab or Steak.

You can check out the detailed menu here.

Also if you have a sweet tooth simply dont miss the Baklawa - A sweet flaky made with walnuts or Tukish Delight - A light flowery flavoured caramel with pistachio nuts.

So the next time you are partying late night in New York City or simply looking for a delicious tasty lunch do visit it. And if you let me know an hour and a half in advance I can surely meet you there - anytime.

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  1. it's mouth-watering...nice pics dude..I envy you :))

  2. I fancy a Baklawa now......i lurveeeee Baklawa

  3. hey!

    great to have a post after long...
    and m also truly fond of falafels...

    Baklawa too looks extremly tempting... :D hafta try it sometime soon...


  4. I love Filafel, also enjoy Hummus with Khubus...Im getting Hungry...

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  6. Looks mouthwatering..
    BTW, love your blog!

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