Wednesday, September 16, 2009

The Kati Roll Company

Its been a while this blog is updated. But its a pleasure to update it with a small gem of a place called The Kati Roll Company. Kati Roll is found on street corners of Calcutta but its sumptuous fillings and flavors capture the true essence of Indian Fast food.

Started in around 2002 in the Greenwich Village section of Manhattan - it now spread its flavors to 49 West 39th Street and also 24 Poland Street in London.

The one in the Village is a quaint little place with its bright orange interiors and hung on its walls are posters from old Bollywood films. Upon entering the restuarant the aroma of the sizzling fillers like the paneer, chicken, beef and shami kabab on the grill reminiscence of the Indian Street Food stalls.

For an Indian or someone from a country where Street Food Vendors are prominent it is a short trip of nostalgia and to people from other countries an introduction to the local lifestyle and flavors.

This is the description of the roll as mentioned on their website :

"The signature dish of The Kati Roll Company, Kati Rolls, are made by wrapping warm paratha, a type of Indian flat bread, around a variety of meats, vegetables and cheese. Each ingredient is marinated in a proprietary blend of Indian spices, creating a distinctive taste available nowhere else. Diners may choose from a select few fillings like beef, chicken, lamb, egg, cheese or potatoes to construct a Kati Roll to their liking. The finished Kati Roll is wrapped and served hot, making it a satisfying meal that can be enjoyed virtually anywhere."

The success of this place lies in its simplicity of the menu, the personal touch of its cooks and waiters - who after a few visits recognize you and are warm and friendly. They customize the roll and its spice level as per your request.

Also it is considered a value Indian meal as it is cheap and filling. A pair of Kati Rolls is enough to fill any hungry stomach. Open late at nights on weekends it is thronged by young party revelers after they have danced away those calories at the clubs.

So folks whenever you are in New York do visit this joint and feel free to call me as I will join you too. - Ceedy

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  1. hey i love kati rolls.....n good to have a post here after so surely checking out this site once am in the us of a :)

  2. wow... kewl!!
    but idhar bhi meat is costly than aalo!! :P

    but i will definitely call u when am there and i am sure u will take me to a nice eating joint there! ;)


  3. that makes me so hungry.... :P Yummy!!

  4. @mia

    I doubt if you will have time when you are in the US ;)

  5. @ankur

    Yes meat is costlier everywhere cause the animal has to eat the aloo to become meat.

    And dont worry you have a treat...

  6. Awesome! And that menu card is just too good! How I wish other restaurants were so descriptive with their cuisines.

  7. Lived right across a Kati roll joint, and I know how comforting it is to have a place like them all...
    but damn, I shouldn't be reading these opsts early in the morning, now I have a crisis on my hands....hunger and 'too bored to cook' moods .. :(

  8. sounds good...and looks delicious.
    someday i will taste :)

    nice one C.D.


  9. NIce... not had a khatti roll in long~~ :)

  10. This looks very delicous. I like what you are doing in our site. Hopefully I go do as well as on my amish recipe site.

  11. Olá tudo bem? Eu tenho interesse em colocar um banner no seu blog.
    Na verdade seria uma troca você colocaria um abnner no meu blog e vice versa entre em contato comigo:

  12. beautiful pics
    thanks for sharing info

  13. NYC.. next month and Kati Roll definitely :)

  14. @sach

    Goto the one on McDougal street in manhattan and then goto mamouns (previous post) for a great falafel 4 buildings away

  15. My 5 year old son had Friday off from school so we headed to the hills and found the best chanterelle patch I've ever seen.
    Beautiful fresh mushrooms. Grilled coho filet Friday night with them sautéed.
    Making mushroom soup today. Go get 'em.