Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Whats on your mind???

Hello people, how are ya all doing eh? Hoping you are all fit and fine. I wonder how did you guys manage to take care of yourselves whilst the cookers of Ambrosia were away. Its just that all the cookers of Ambrosia have gotten busy just around the same time. Just a quick apology for the sudden disappearing act. But hey we are back after a month long hiatus.

So so....this ones not a recipe, not a restaurant review, not some nutrition facts or any tips. Instead how about you particiapte in this post by telling us what's the first thought / thoughts that comes to your mind right now when i say the word 'FOOD'

U wanna know what crosses my mind.....Cookies and Cream ....yippeeeeeeeeeeee me craving for cookies and cream n its 10: 41 pm here and its snowing like crazy but I dont care I am going to pick up a tub of Cookies and Cream.......anyways wanna share? So tell me what r u feeling like right now...come'on quick......everybody at ambrosia is straving...its been over a month now that we talked about food eh....drop in your comments in the mean whhile i'll just get some yummilicious ice cream for moi..


  1. I am on dieting!!! :|

    bigtime!! :|

    this is not done.. u r enjoyin and i m starvin!!!! :(((

  2. normally ice cream comes to my mind when people say the word FOOD. but now that i'm on a diet(strictly no ice creams), the first thing dat came to my mind is some dish cald "san pao chicken" which i had at a chinese restaurent a couple of days back. believe me, it was simply awesome

  3. @ankur

    mate choose betn one of the following

    Dieting or Die-eating

    I'd pick the second one.....make the most out of life mate....


  4. @satish

    san pao chicken eh
    hmmmmmm am a veggie so wudnt make any sense to me.....so any clue how is it cooked?

    n guess what am feasting on cookies n cream....

    am enjoying

  5. u know Mia I bought C&C once and pigged out like hell...and since that day I cant eat it again at all! I must be sick of it cos of wut happened that day LOL! I hope some day I'll be able to hv it as usual :)


  6. Need to head over to dairy queen for some chocalte chip cookie...only one scoop:)

  7. For me the first thing that comes to my mind when someone mention food is
    dal - rice

    Its kinda soul food for me

  8. hey nice blog first time i have come across ur blog its good.
    even i like dal rice very much but it should be my mom's preparation bcos i like the way she takes care of each n everythin that she serves me.
    everytime she would try somethin diff n make it delicious.
    Its a total package full of love care and awesome taste of healthy food.
    wat u say.


  9. nice blog..!! i used 2 a nutrition student and when i went thru dis blog... it really helped .. gr88 effort guys..!!nutritionally, food is something which satiated ur hunger..!! but personally ...i wud say ..its something which brings a twinkle in my eye...and my moth starts salivating..!!

  10. food?? PIZZA!!! definitely pizza.. any size, topping and shape!

  11. I think i am going to put on a lot of weight ... Droooling...

    Write poetry